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AMC Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set helps you design and create greeting cards for your friends, relatives, co-workers, inlaws, outlaws... your list of potential recipients may vary. The cards it creates are similar to traditional cards with a cover, an inside spread and a back. Add your choice of pictures, sounds, animations, graphic elements and clickable web page links - as many as you like, or as many as you can squeeze in without exceeding the bounds of good taste and reasonable file size. Express sentiments from the profoundly sincere to the embarrassingly corny. Your cards will become Windows EXE files - executables that will display on any Windows system without additional software. You can e-mail them, upload them to the Internet, bundle them with products or services or use them in conjunction with your business. We invite you to download a fully-functional evaluation copy of Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set and try it out. The Card Wizard feature will have you assembling professional electronic cards in seconds.

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